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The work is about you.



I am a flexible thinker.  I bring a sense of humor and intellectual curiosity to my therapy work.  I stay current.  Through therapy, I provide a dynamic and collaborative way to learn about yourself and others;  improve troublesome situations;  help with mood states, depression, anxiety and guilt;  explore questions about the meaning of it all and work on the habits that support or undermine well-being.


I help with relationship, intimacy and marital problems;  identity conflicts;  online dating challenges, distraction and procrastination; fidelity and sexual concerns;  work and career conflicts; parenthood; body image and eating concerns;  social and emotional isolation.  


I work with all sorts of people who want to do better and feel better and who, often, are afraid things cannot get better.  


I work with talented people whose work - in law, finance, tech, design, business, sales, real estate, construction, medicine, politics, communications, fashion, journalism, education, music, art, architecture and so on - demands a lot.  I work with motivated people who question how they spend their time.  I work with responsible people who are careless about some responsibilites and with smart people who are puzzled by their foolish choices.


I work with people who can't sleep through the night, people who stuff feelings and people who can't contain them, people who worry about exploding and people who wish they would explode.  I  work with people who overeat or drink too much and people who don't eat enough.  I work from the premise that many of these behaviors are in the service - sometimes conscious, sometimes not - of avoiding something troubling or bothersome.


Most of the time, sessions are in my office but FaceTime and Skype make out of office sessions possible.  


It's not easy to talk about thoughts and feelings we usually keep to ourselves but talk therapy works.  Talk therapy has been proven to provide structure and meaning, reduce anxiety, raise mood, lead to self-awareness and improve relationships.  Let's talk.










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